WKC Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword and Scabbard

WKC Royal Artillery Officer's Sword and Scabbard #2656 In stock £840.00  Inc. VAT

WKC Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword and Scabbard

Our Royal Artillery Sword and scabbard is crafted in accordance with the British MOD specifications UK/SC/6206 Issue 1.

In November 2005, WKC purchased the toolings of Wilkinson Sword Ltd. for production of various ceremonial swords incl. The Royal Artillery sword and scabbard.

Sword: Nato Stock No.:8465-99-973-6876
Nickelplated Scabbard: Nato Stock No. : 8465-99-973-6852

Brown Leather Scabbard : Nato Stock No.: 8465-99-973-6832

  • Blade: A forged stainless steel  blade, hammered to the correct curvature. It is hardened to ca 48-52° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished. Both sides are etched with the Royal Artillery design. The acid-etching is so deep, that one can feel it with a fingernail. Dimension of the blade is ca. 870 x 25 x 6 mm.
  • Guard: Solid brass, hand-polished, nickelplated.
  • Grip: Handle is covered with genuine stingray skin, wrapped with 3 silver-plated wires.
  • Scabbard: Your choice of a nickel-plated and hand-polished steel scabbard with 2 attachment rings, or real brown calf leather scabbard with 2 attachment rings.
  • Included AccessoriesProtective cloth bag.

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