Royal Artillery Officers Sword & Scabbard

Royal Artillery Officers Sword & Scabbard #2054 In stock £595.00  Inc. VAT

The Royal Artillery Officer’s Sword is characterized by a slightly curved and spear-pointed carbon steel blade.

This prestigious sword is said to be based on the 1822 Light Cavalry pattern.

The hilt is a half-basket which has been intricately made of nickel-plated steel and also comprises of three fluted bars.

The grip is meticulously crafted in black fish-skin and clenched with silver-plated copper wire. The pommel has been created using stepped design.

This fabulous piece of work is available with a Sam Browne leather scabbard with plated steel mouthpiece or in a beautifully nickel-plated steel scabbard.

Specifications Blade length: 864 mm Blade width at hilt: 25 mm

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