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Full Size Medal Court Mounting

According to the MOD instructions, if you have 5 or more full size medals, the medals will be overlapped. Please mention if you don't want us to overlap them under the delivery instructions at the checkout and please don`t send your rosettes, they go on your ribbon bar.

  • Medal court mounting is 5 per medal, ie. adding 1 medal to your 3 medals will be 20

  • Please do not send any of the medal boxes, we may loose them and they may not sent back to you.

  • RM Special Delivery postage back to you is 8.50 (with tracking)

  • Medals will be cleaned, ribbons will be changed and all your medals will be remounted on the appropriate medal brooch bar.

  • If you send your medals to us please send by special delivery.

  • Once you purchase our medal court mounting service, please send the medals to our address on our web site (we only have one address) along with your sales order number that you will receive from us or alternatively send your medals along with a cover letter without the online payment and we can call you for a card payment once your medals are ready to send to you. You can also send a cheque along with your medals payable to Mess Dress Ltd
Full Size Medal Court Mounting (Code: 734) £5.00  Inc. VAT
Full Size Medal Court Mounting Service @ 5 per medal inclding VAT