Full Size General Service Medal (GSM 08) Replacement

£20.00 - £34.00
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  • Loose with 10" of ribbon only 
  • Court mounted medal with a pin to wear

Information is from WIKIPEDIA

The General Service Medal (GSM 08), was introduced in 2015 to recognise specified operations, not qualifying for another campaign medal. The medal was first awarded in 2016 for service in operations since January 2008. Like its predecessor medal the General Service Medal (1962), operations will be denoted by clasps which indicate the geographic area of operations and not a specific operation.


The claps for the medal are named based on the geographic region of operations and not for specific named operations. 

The clasps for this medal and their qualifying periods of service are as follows

Southern Asia
  • Operation VERDITER (LEEWAY) (Pakistan), 1 January 2008–6 May 2015 EOD Short Term Training Team 
Arabian Peninsula
  • Operation QUANTAM 1 January 2009–21 May 2012
  • Operation ICENI 1 June 2012–2 December 2013
Northern Africa
  • Operation DEFERENCE (Libya), 21 February–22 March 2011
  • Operation VOCATE (Libya), 11 November 2011–present
Western Africa
Eastern Africa

  • Operation PRESIDIUM, 10 February 2010–present
  • Operation MODEST (Somalia), 24 January 2013–present 
  • Operation BACKWELL (African Union Mission to Somalia), 20 April 2012–present 
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