TAVR Full Size Medal

Please note, this medals has two types.
Please choose from below the correct type
One with TAVR (dates 1968 - 82)
and one with TERRITORIAL (1982) written on the medal.

Free Medal Engraving on the rim: Please write the full name, service number, rank and regiment. (We`ll use appropriate abbreviations for the regiment and the rank) Please make sure the text is correct.
from £20.00
Free Engraving on the rim
TAVR - Territorial (F/S) (Code: 595) £20.00  Inc. VAT
TAVR - Territorial (F/S) Courtmounted (Code: 595-CM) £24.00  Inc. VAT
TAVR - (T.A.V.R) (F/S) (Code: 595-T.A.V.R) £40.00  Inc. VAT
TAVR - (T.A.V.R) (F/S) Courtmounted (Code: 595- T.A.V.R CM) £44.00  Inc. VAT
TAVR Full Size Medal (both types, please choose from the menu)