WKC Royal Air Force Officer's Sword and Scabbard #2651 In stock £890.00  Inc. VAT

Royal Air Force Officer Sword w/ Stainless Steel blade

This quality arm is the ceremonial version of the Royal Air Force Officer Sword with scabbard used by RAF Officers and below Flag Rank. It is crafted in accordance with the British MOD specifications UK/SC/6206 Issue 1.

In November 2005, WKC purchased the toolings of Wilkinson Sword Ltd.  for production of various ceremonial swords.

Sword: Nato Stock No.: 8465-99-316-3888.


  • Blade:
    • Forged steel blade, carbon steel or stainless steel. It is hardened to ca. 48-52° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished. The acid-etch is so deep, that one can feel it with a fingernail. Dimension of the blade is ca ca. 810 x 22 x 5 mm.


  • Guard: 
    • Cast brass, hand-polished, 24-carats gold-plated  . Top nut re-chiseled and 24-carats gold-plated  .
  • Grip:
    • Handle is covered with genuine sharkskin with goldplated wires.
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